Medicare AdvantageMedicare Advantage plans are a type of health plan which is provided in the United States. Along with covering the part A and part B of your medicare, medicare advantage plans also cover part C of your medicare. Medicare Advantage plans are extra beneficial plans which are provided by companies along with your original medicare. In simpler terms, if you already have a part A and part B of your medicare, you can choose to opt for part c of the medicare – medicare advantage plans. But are they actually beneficial?


As the name suggests, Medicare Advantage health plans provide an added advantage to your original medicare. Along with organising your original medicare provided by the government in a more efficient way, the plans also provide dental services, routine vision checks, dentures etc. which are not covered in Part A and Part B of the medicare.


The Medicare Advantage plans are provided by privately-owned companies, which are approved by Medicare. One of the most popular and beneficial plans are Humana Medicare Advantage plans. With Humana plans you can afford the advantage at a very minimal cost, and huge health benefits. Along with dental and visual coverage, most of the plans also provide with prescription drug coverage and fitness programs.


Membership in medicare advantage plans has nearly doubled in the last decade. With more and more people wanting to enrol and avail services at affordable prices, many of the Humana Medicare advantage plans can cost you as less as $0 per month. Humana Medicare Advantage plans are broadly classified into four types – HMO plans, PPO plans, PFFS plans, and SNPs.


Humana offers Medicare Advantage health maintenance organisation plans, which along with covering your original medicare, also includes prescription drug coverage at affordable monthly plans. The plan provides you with a huge bundle of extras like choosing a primary care physician, emergency coverage anywhere in the world, hospitalisation coverage, annual preventive screenings, along with fitness program memberships.


Humana’s preferred provider organisation plans give you the freedom of choosing a medicare-approved doctor either in or out of the network. Along with predictable coinsurance and copayments, Humanas PPO plans make it easier to budget your healthcare plans. The plans provide in-network home healthcare, emergency health services when you are travelling outside of the U.S. , dental services, prescription drug coverage, and optional fitness programs as well. You can choose a health provider of your choice, however, you would save more if you choose one in your network.


Humana Private-fee-for-service plans give you the flexibility of choosing any medicare approved doctor at the same cost, irrespective they are in your network or out of the network. The only condition is your doctor must accept the terms and services of your plans. Along with providing prescription drug coverage, the PFFS plan also provides full coverage on hospitalisation and annual preventive screenings.


A Special Needs Plan is a type of medicare advantage plan which are available to only those beneficiaries which have a chronic health condition, are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, or a resident of a long-term facility. Many of the Humana special need plans have an affordable monthly premium of $0. The plan is suited for your specific health condition. These plans provide extra coverage and can help you manage your specific health condition more efficiently.


With 23 million Americans adopting to medicare advantage plans, the companies have become quite competitive. With Humana you can be assured of best health plans, covering a wide range of services at the least cost.